Advantages of hybrid solar inverters
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Advantages of hybrid solar inverters

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Hybrid solar inverters are one of the important system balances in photovoltaic array systems. In this article, I will introduce hybrid solar inverters to a certain extent. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Advantages of hybrid solar inverters.

  • All of the company's hybrid solar inverter products.

hybrid inverter

Advantages of hybrid solar inverters.

  • MPPT controller and pure sine wave inverter Two in one design, easy for installation.

  • Low frequency inverter with toroidal transformer, more stable and durable use.

  • MPPT technology, energy efficiency of whole system up to  88%.

  • Excellent protection for battery over load&charge,

  • Solar charge or grid power charge is alternative, Realize maximum energy saving function

  • LCD display screen, easy to settle and monitor parameters.

  • RS232 Communication Interface.

  • WIFI function is alternative, convenient to monitor the inverter by mobile app

As the core technology in the development of solar energy, hybrid solar inverters have become a battleground for many high-tech companies in the world. Hybrid solar inverters cover high and new technologies such as photovoltaic grid-connected technology, off-grid power generation technology, battery charging and discharging and energy storage technology, and power distribution technology.

Hybrid solar invertersmainly have photovoltaic parallel and off-grid power generation functions, that is to say, when the grid power supply is normal, the device closes the bypass relay to realize the power grid to the household appliances load; when the grid power supply is abnormal (For example, If the power grid is out of power, the grid voltage or frequency fluctuates greatly), the hybrid solar inverter can supply power to the household appliances load through the battery after being inverted. In the case of proper sunshine intensity and normal photovoltaic power generation function, hybrid solar inverters can also be connected to the grid for transmission and sell electricity to the grid for benefits.

From the perspective of technical implementation, the hybrid solar inverter is composed of the following units: One is the grid-connected inverter unit, which obtains solar energy from photovoltaic panels and DC combiner boxes, and passes through the maximum power point tracking circuit to stabilize the DC combiner box. After the voltage passes through the inverter unit, the photovoltaic power generation is input into the public grid. The second is the off-grid inverter unit. When the grid power supply is normal, the unit supplies power to the load through the bypass relay and charges the battery pack at the same time; when the grid is abnormal, it uses the battery inverter to achieve uninterrupted power supply to the load. At this time, if the photovoltaic module generates electricity, the photovoltaic off-grid inverter unit can supply power to the load and charge the battery at the same time. The third is the switch unit. When the lighting conditions are suitable and the public power grid is abnormal, the photovoltaic power supply to the load is realized through switching relays and other devices.

In summary, hybrid solar inverters can effectively overcome the limitations of existing solar inverters that can only be connected to the grid for power generation, and when the sun’s light is weak, the load power consumption of off-grid inverters is limited, which can effectively improve equipment.

All of the company's hybrid solar inverter products.

Foshan SNAT Energy Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 as the world's leading supplier of electric energy and new energy solutions. SNAT has a strong strength and has emerged in the field of solar inverters. The company's main products are: solar generator sets, solar inverters, solar charge controllers and photovoltaic combiner boxes. For example, hybrid solar inverters include MPPT hybrid solar inverters and NKM series hybrid solar inverters.

If you are interested in our company's hybrid solar inverters, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best hybrid solar inverter products and services. Wish you the best at work.

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