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Solar power inverter, there are wall - mounted and vertical mobile models, these solar power inverters can do from 300W to 300KW including single phase inverter, split phases inverters and three phases inverters. All inverters Passed CE certification and supported OEM, ODM services.

Wall - mounted inverter, save space, easy to use. Vertical inverter with wheeling can be moved, anytime and anywhere to change the place, for your convenience.

Power Inverter adopts double MCU intelligent design, excellent performance. Wide input voltage range, high precision output, automatic voltage regulator function. A built-in annular transformer helps to keep the inverter running at low temperatures and extend its service life.

Intelligent Power solar inverters has multiple protection functions: over voltage protection, overload protection, low voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection, to ensure safe use.

The solar inverters are apply to off grid solar energy system. Through the inverter, reverse the DC power into AC /electricity power for family and business use. Compared with diesel generator system, it is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and silent,  widely used in household, hotel, school, hospital, ship, RV and other places.

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