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Solar Power Generator

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All in one solar power generator, built in pure sine wave inverter, MPPT solar charge controller and LiFePO4 Battery, which can store solar power.

Portable solar generator can do 300W To 6000W Solar Generators, can be customized with different capacity lithium battery, Gel battery, logo, color as well.

The solar powered generators can charged by solar panels and the Grid, Applied to off-grid solar systems. it also call solar power stations, home use solar stations. This all in one solar generators has DC5V DC12V 110VAC 220VAC output plug, 50 /60Hz automatically identification. Easy to plug and play.

Solar generator system has multiple protection functions, such as over load prevention, overcharge, over discharge, over temperature prevention...

The off grid energy storage solar generator system is easy to move. Compared with diesel generator, solar generators station system is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and silent, and thus widely used in household, hotel, school, hospital, ship, RV and other places.

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