Features of MPPT solar inverter
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Features of MPPT solar inverter

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The MPPT solar inverter is a power source that uses a DC power source and converts it into an AC power source. In this article, I will introduce MPPT solar inverters to a certain extent, hope it will be helpful to you.

Features of MPPT solar inverter(1)

  • Features of MPPT solar inverters

  • All of the company's MPPT solar inverter products

Features of MPPT solar inverters

Dual CPU intelligent control technology for the MPPT solar inverter. Excellent performance.

The power mode of the MPPT solar inverter has 1 energy-saving mode and 1 battery mode, and 1 energy-saving mode can be set, which is flexible in application.

The MPPT solar inverter is controlled by a smart fan, which is safe and reliable.

Pure sine wave frequency converter, pure sine wave output, can adapt to various types of loads.

The MPPT solar inverter has a wide input voltage range and high output accuracy. Automatic voltage function.

LCD real-time display of equipment parameters. The running status is clear at a glance.

MPPT solar inverter output overload and short circuit protection. Automatic protection and alarm.

The intelligent MPPT solar controller has the functions of overcharging, over-discharging protection, current limiting charging and so on. Over-discharge protection, current-limiting charging. Multiple protections.

Built-in GPRS/WIFI wireless network module. The working status can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone APP or computer. APP or computer.

The configurable input voltage range of the MPPT solar inverter is suitable for household appliances and personal computers. The input voltage range of household appliances and personal computers can be configured through LCD settings. The battery charging current can be configured according to needs, the battery charging current can be configured through the LCD setting, and the priority of the AC/solar charger can be configured through the LCD setting.

The MPPT solar inverter is suitable for mains or generator set power supply, when the AC power is restored, it will automatically reset

Overload/over temperature/short circuit protection. Smart battery charger design, optimized battery performance, cold start function.

At present, photovoltaic power plant systems are mainly used in remote areas. Many power stations are unattended and maintained. This requires MPPT solar inverters to have a reasonable circuit structure, strict component selection, and require MPPT solar inverters to have various protection functions. , Such as input DC polarity reverse protection, AC output short-circuit protection, overheating, overload protection, etc.

Due to the high price of solar cells, in order to maximize the use of solar cells and improve system efficiency, we must try to improve the efficiency of MPPT solar inverters.

All of the company's MPPT solar inverter products

Foshan SNAT Energy Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, focusing on solar inverters, solar inverters with built-in solar controllers, solar controllers, UPS and other fields for home, telecommunications, electricity, infrastructure and industry market. For example, MPPT solar inverters include MPPT MPPT solar inverters and NKM series MPPT solar inverters.

If you are interested in our company's MPPT solar inverters, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best MPPT solar inverter products and services. Wish you the best at work.

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