How do I choose the right solar inverter?
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How do I choose the right solar inverter?

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Different Types of Solar Inverters

In general, solar inverters has 3 type:
(1)On-grid inverters

(2)Off-grid inverters
(3)Hybrid inverters

· On-grid Inverter: It converts DC to AC and sends any surplus energy to the grid without battery use. These inverters are connected to the utility grid as well.
Single Phase Solar Inverter

· Off-grid Inverter: It converts DC to AC from a battery. Such inverters can power many private house and residential projects.
Double MCU pure sine wave inwerter

· Hybrid Inverter: Similar to other types of inverters, a hybrid inverter converts DC to AC. However, It has both function for on grid and off grid inverter.
NKM-Hybrid Solar Inverter

Our factory, Foshan SNADI solar is a professional manufacturer of off grid and hybrid inverter.

Comparing the Efficiency of Various Solar Inverters

  An inverter’s efficiency is the ratio of output power to input power measured under specified working conditions. A solar inverter’s efficiency cannot be ignored while choosing a solar inverter.

  Further, not all inverters are suited for household applications. Thus, a prospective buyer must understand and research various inverters carefully before choosing one.

Checking the Inverters for Durability

  Buying a solar inverter can be a long-term investment. Thus, it is important to check and compare them for durability and performance under extreme weather conditions. Further, some inverters are not suited for high temperatures or low temperatures and may have performance issues. Make sure to check the specification of inverter about the working temperatures base on your using area.

Budget Constraints

  The cost of an inverter will affect the completed system budget upon its type. For buyers on a budget, a hybrid inverter can be a great choice. Alternatively, off-grid inverters can be good for those who does not have continuous grid supply.

Estimating Your Requirements

  A buyer must correctly estimate his energy requirements before buying a solar inverter. It help to confirm the rated power of inverter choice. For example, if a user wants a 5kW system with panels and battery storage, then he must choose an inverter with hybrid or off grid type.

Some model of inverters can be connect in parallal. In this way you can extend the power of inverter in future, with adding more pieces of inverter.

Foshan SNAT solar has professional technology team, we offer customized system solution, we can design the suitable system proposal base on your needs. Welcome to contact us for more professional advise!

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