SNADI 1kw 12vdc 24vdc 48vdc off grid solar soalr system for home use
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SNADI 1kw 12vdc 24vdc 48vdc off grid solar soalr system for home use

Off-grid means you off (switch off) the power grid or the local utility company that sends you an electricity bill every month. However, off grid solar systems are gonna give you the freedom to live where you want, remotely, away from the power grid so you can be your own power generator.
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  • 1KW off grid solar system


SNADI High efficiency off grid 1kw 3kw solar system 5000w solar energy system home power kit 3kw 1kw 5kva solar system
The solar power system consists of photovoltaic modules (including brackets), photovoltaic combiners, solar controllers, and batteries (including battery cabinets). If the load is AC equipment (220V or 110V), you need to configure the inverter. The functions of each part are as follows:

(1) Photovoltaic modules: Photovoltaic modules are an important part of solar power generation systems and a high value part of solar power generation systems. Its role is to convert the radiant energy of the sun into electrical energy, or send it to a battery for storage, or to drive the load.

(2) Photovoltaic combiner box: The photovoltaic combiner box is used to reduce the connection between the PV module and the inverter/controller and is convenient for maintenance. It has perfect functions such as anti-counter-attack, over-current protection and lightning protection to improve the product. Safety and reliability.

(3) Solar controller: The solar controller provides the functions of the photovoltaic module to charge and discharge the battery, such as overcharge, overdischarge protection, temperature compensation, etc. Other additional functions such as light control switches and time control switches should be optional for the controller.

(4) Inverter: The electricity generated by the PV module is DC, and it cannot supply power to the AC load. The inverter needs to convert DC power into AC power and provide it to the load.

(5) Battery: Generally, lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries are used. In small and micro systems, nickel-hydrogen
batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries can also be used. Its function is to store the energy generated by the solar panel when there is light, and then release it when needed.
Home solar system
Target facilities
Personal residence
Refrigerator, energy-saving lighting, TV, fan, street light
The system structure is simple;
Very suitable for scattered rural areas;
Use more accurately because the user is a separate household.

Solar panels

- High efficiency A Grade mono cells, 300W
- 21% conversion efficiency
- Anti-reflection tempered glass
- Anodic aluminium-alloy frame
- MC4 junction box

Pure Sine Wave Inverter ---1KW

 - A wide range of input voltage
 - Settable the mains mode
 - Controlled by intelligent fan
 - Pure sine wave AC output
 - LCD display
 - Automatic protection

MPPT Solar charge controller
- Intelligent maximum power tracking technology
- LCD display
- Kinds of battery protect data setting
- Complete protect
- RS485 remote communication and data transmission
- Time display function

PV array combiner box
- Applicable for outdoor PV systems
- Number of PV input array: 6
- Max input pv current each array: 16A
- Max output current: 96A, 600Vdc
- Lighting Protection, it reduces solar cable

- Maintenance-free Gel Battery
- 12V/200Ah
- 54kg
- Silver-coated copper terminals, brass insert

Mounting structure
- Pitched Roof, flat roof, tile roof, tin roof,
ground, vertical wall
- High Class Anodized Aluminum
- Wind Load: up to 130mph (60m/s)
- Snow Load: up to 30psf (1.4kN/m2)

Connection cable
- Solar panel cables 4mm2
- Battery connection cables 10mm2
- Electric cables Connector
- MC4 Solar connector
- Battery cable connector Connector
- MC4 Solar connector
- Battery cable connector
Solar panel
Mono 300w solar panel
FT solar inverter
1KW24VDC 220VAC 50HZ
1 PC
Solar charge controller
1 PC
Pv combiner box
4 solar arrays input , 1 arrays output
1 PC
12V/200AH Gel battery
Solar bracket
Flat ground and roof for optional:one set can mount 4pcs panels
Solar cables
4mm 2solar cables, 200mm 2battery cables, 16mm 2electric cable
Solar connector
MC4 solar connector, rated voltage:1000v
   Q1 MOQ
   A MOQ form our conpany is required 1 unit.

   Q2 Are you manufacturer or trading company?
   A We are professional manufacturer since 2004.

   Q3 I need this product and wanna a system for family/industrial/commerical using,can you help me?
   A  Yes,we have professional technology team average 10 years experience,they can design solar    
   power system in accordance with customers' special requirements.

   Q4 How long is your delivery time?
   A Within 15 days.

   Q5 How about your after sales service?
   A Our quality warranty for 1-2 years,any parts will be shipped for free during warranty period.



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